About Us

Sprout Park is an investment partner driving innovation and growth by supporting people that dream big. Our mission is to help small teams achieve great things.

Painting a picture of the future

Sprout Park was founded in 1999, investing in small startups that showed exciting promise. The following dotcom crash marked the demise of many of these companies, but Sprout Park survived and thrived. With a newfound grounded approach to business development, we continue investing in companies that dare explore and forge new paths in the digital landscape. 

Our mission is to help small teams achieve great things. We are painting a picture of the future, actively investing in people, businesses and relationships across multiple industries; from education and innovation to retail and sustainable city planning. 

Sprout Park offers strategic, technical and cultural support to our own portfolio companies as well as larger corporations in transformation towards a more digitalized world. We base our methods and advice on more than 20 years of championing innovation with a large network of talents. Let’s connect to help you scale and develop. 

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